Flamenco and Ballet Dance for Kids

Flamenco and Ballet Dance for Kids

In “Flamenco Danza” we teach ballet and flamenco dance for children. Dancing is deeply beneficial for children, it is one of the best options for developing their most essential physical capabilities.

It is recommended that the training of this discipline is started at a very young age, around 4 years old, since it is the time when children can absorb and internalize the fundamental movements and techniques of dance with more ease.

Having known the importance of working with these two disciplines at a young age, flamencodanza offers a special rate for ballet + flamenco. These courses are given by our academy directors, Tamara López and Ursula López.

Clases para Niños/as en Flamenco Danza Sevilla

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Benefits of Dance for Children

Clases para niños/as en Flamenco Danza Sevilla
  • It develops self-esteem and reduces stress and anxiety symptoms, raising the child’s self-confidence.
  • It elevates the interest for different cultural disciplines.
  • Helps in the overcoming of “stage fright”
  • Dancing stimulates blood flow and the respiratory system.
  • It helps in the elimination of body fat.
  • It aids in the correction of posture and the gaining of flexibility.
  • It exercises coordination, movement and equilibrium.
  • It collaborates in the development of muscles and column stature.
  • It develops psychomotor activity, agility and the coordination of movement.
  • Ballet may help with the “flat foot” issue of soles.
  • It is an excellent technique for fighting against child obesity and cholesterol.
  • It develops body expression, musical ear and memory.
  • It contributes in the child’s social skills.
  • It relaxes and allows adrenaline to flow. Balance and reflexes are improved.
  • Ballet stimulates teamwork.


Fantastic academy! I've learned and enjoyed a lot. Thank you so much Tamara and Ursula. // Anna Peeters
Llevaba mucho tiempo buscando una escuela de flamenco donde me pudieran enseñar desde la base. Y en los meses que llevo en Flamenco Danza no puedo estar más contento. Recomendable 100% // Esteban Rico
Eva B.N
En mi caso buscaba un tipo de aprendizaje muy específico, ya que llevo varios años estudiando danza española en este país. Y no sólo me ha gustado la metodología de flamencodanza, sino sobre todo el buen trato y la pasión con la que se enseña en este estudio. Gracias. // Eva B.N.