Paula Comitre
  • Paula Comitre

    Paula Comitre

    Born in Sevilla in October 15th 1994. She began her dance studies at 3 years old, and at 8 she enters the Professional Dance Conservatory of Sevilla “Antonio Ruiz Soler”. In 2012, she obtains the degree of specialization in Flamenco Dance. That same year, she becomes part of the Centro Andaluz de Danza (CAD).


    In 2013 she becomes part of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía for the following three years under the direction of Rafaela Carrasco with whom she tours around the most important festivals and national and international theatres, with the shows: “En la memoria del cante”, “Imágenes” (A production which was awarded with the Giraldillo for best show at the XVIII Flamenco Biennial of Sevilla), and “Tierra – Lorca Cancionero Popular” (Which received the Giraldillo for best dance troupe for the XIX Flamenco Biennial of Sevilla.

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    In May 2015 she receives the second prize for the XVI Andalusian Competition for Young Flamenco Artists (XVI Concurso Andaluz de Jóvenes Flamencos) organized by the Provincial Federation of Flamenco Institutions of Seville (Federación Provincial de Sevilla de Entidades Flamencas).


    She has worked in different tablaos in Madrid like: Casa Patas, Tablao Las Carboneras, Tablao Villa-Rosa and Corral de la Pacheca, and in 2017 she becomes a regular dancer at the Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos de Sevilla.

In 2017 she becomes part of the premier show “El Encuentro” from David Coria Dance Company, at the XXI Jerez Flamenco Festival where she currently performs. In the month of July she also appears in the premier show “Nacida Sombra” at the Cordoba Guitar Festival, a production by Rafaela Carrasco, which was awarded with the Critique’s Award at the XXIII Jerez Flamenco Festival in 2018. She currently continues to perform in this show which has toured numerous theatres and festivals, such as Maestranza Theatre of Sevilla, Chaillot National Theatre, Nimes Flamenco Festival, XXII Jerez Festival and the Classical Theatre Festival of Almagro.